Food is your fuel. Eat better, live better.


Fit food into your lifestyle

We know how important diet is to not only achieving your goals but also to getting to your fittest self. With so much conflicting information out there we aim to clear your head and get you on course.

1:1 Nutrition management

The first part nutrition programme works in three stages:

  1. Initial email consultation. -  Here we ask you a series of questions to check for any food intolerances, allergies, dislikes and lifestyle barriers. We then ask for you to fill out a 14 day food diary using either paper or via the MyFitnessPal app.
  2. 60 Minute 1:1 Consultation - Once we receive your 7 day food diary we will contact you to book the consultation. Here our coaches will discuss what they found from your food diary and email consultation, positives and negatives. They will then go through with you the outline of what they have planned for you for your meal plan. They will also make suggestions on anything you need to purchase prior to your meal plan starting. 
  3. 14 day meal plan - Once yourself and the coach have agreed on the outline of your meal plan the coach will then produce a 14 day plan for you. This will break down everything from water intake, supplements, snacks and main meals. Also included will be a two weekly shopping lists. You can use these to plan out your nutrition to the letter.

Cost £75


Following this fortnight we recommend a second 1:1 consultation. In this we review your previous fortnight. This is again in three stages:

  1. Email questionnaire will be sent out to talk about how you found the plan. Talking about energy levels, general well-being and ease to stick to. 
  2. A second face to face consultation, this is used to further refine your food plans and also to help build your knowledge with some guidance on eating out, good menu choices and any issues you find during the first fortnight.
  3. 14 Day meal plan - A second meal plan with some more recipes and options even more tailored to you. 

Cost of Follow ups £50

Both of these come with full email support from your coach over the fortnight to help with any questions that come up.

Any further follow up consultations are available at £45 for an hour with your coach. this will give you further meal plans and another fortnight of email support.

For further details email