The No B.S. Challenge


10th January to 10th February Inclusive

From this Wednesday 10th January to 10th February Inclusive we start our Limitless NO B.S. Challenge to raise money for Cancer Research and to get all our Golf and Fitness clients a healthier start to the year. The challenge is open to absolutely everyone, you don't need to be a client to join in!!

So you think you're ready for this? Well if you want to join our No Booze, No Sugar challenge here are the rules:

  • No Alcohol of any kind.
  • No refined sugars

The alcohol is easy to factor the sugars may cause some confusion. Here are the no nos.



  • For processed/packaged food anything that has more than 10g per 100g of sugar per serving. (Check food labels. Make sure you are looking at sugar per 100g/ml not just per serving size.
  • No fruit juice
  • No dried fruit
  • Only two fruits have what I would class as a sugar content that is too high to balance with the nutritional benefits of the fruit. The two forbidden fruits are mangoes and grapes.


I don't expect anyone to go through the challenge without having a couple of exceptions. These are:

  • One teaspoon of honey per day is allowed (Preferably local honey). (Some people take this to prevent summer allergies and also for sore throats etc.)
  • All fruit with the exception of the two stated above are allowed. But you are only allowed two servings of fruit per day. Ie a banana and an apple, an orange and some berries. Remember dried fruit is a no go.


If you have your birthday during the challenge you are allowed an 6 hour window of exception where you can break the fast. (This stops people skipping the challenge for an easy out.)


I know that some of you need motivation to complete the challenge and I think Charity is a great motivator, the problem with charity is that if you fail you may be tempted to just put in the money anyway and concede defeat. This is why we have the anti-charity! What happens is that you donate an amount to the challenge, if possible you nominate a referee, someone who spends a lot of time with you. If you complete the challenge the donated amount will all go to the Charity. If you fail the challenge it goes to the Anti-Charity. I promise that this is no joke, I will donate the money based on people completing and not completing. So if anyone fails I will not be happy at all!



Cancer Research. Anything we can do to help the fight against this disease has to be a good cause and if we can find a way to beat it I want to help. So whatever you choose as a motivating amount then please donate that towards to cause.


download (6).jpg

The Donald Trump Re-election fund. What can I say, he's not the most popular guy around. Hey I know there may be some people out there that don't see this as an Anti-Charity if that's the case let the Charity motivate you. But I know a lot of you will not want to see funds go to this guy. So make sure you complete the challenge otherwise money that could go to help Cancer Research will go somewhere else. (You may check and think a UK citizen cannot donate to US election campaigns. Don't worry I have an American friend who will be doing so on our behalf. You'll see the receipts!)


You can't do anything without a hashtag! So if you want to make some comments on social media please mention us @crossfit_chiltern @cr_uk and #nobschallenge (I know!!)  #noboozenosugar.

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