Get pain free

 Get pain free with our personal trainers at Limitless Life in Amersham and Berkhamsted.

If you're in pain we'll work with you to find the best solution.

 Get more core strength and improve your posture at Limitless Life. Located near Hemel Hempstead and Beaconsfield.

back pain

Constantly getting treatment or on painkillers? We want your back and core stronger and your body mobile enough to help reduce pain and stop it returning.

 Strengthen your leg muscles to help with knee pain at Limitless Life Fitness training

knee pain

Knee pain impairs your training and everyday life. Depending on the source of the pain we can work on strength and mobility around the area to help with pain and make the joint more resilient to injury.

 Improve your posture with proper personal training in Berkhamsted and Amersham

neck and Shoulder pain

Desk jobs, iPads, driving. All of these contribute to poor posture which is a major cause of neck and shoulder pain. We'll work on strengthening your postural muscles to protect you from daily life.