Consistency with your diet

Reason Number 2 that your efforts could be halted when trying to lose weight!


How long will it take me to lose this weight? A question I get asked a lot and one that I cant answer everytime.  It depends on the individuals lifestyle, how much time and effort they are prepared to put into getting organised, understanding they will go through change and above all else, being consistent!

These days in our world of “fast – immediate” everything people are looking for a quick fix. And sure yes of course they are out there – and will work But if you want long term results that last you have to be consistent.

Everybody will have days sometimes even weeks where they will go off track and feel like they are fighting a losing battle with their efforts, but this is natural and normal! Having the ability to get back on to your chosen pathway is always going to be the key.

I believe this is one of the reasons that several weight loss clubs and most definitely fad diets that involve severely restricted calories and very little food intake have remained in business for so long. Some people start to lose weight and believe they have control over their nutrition and within a few weeks, sometimes longer they have piled the weight back on.

This method of weight loss doesn’t teach you how to change habits and be consistent! It teaches you that if you restrict your calories severely youll lose a shed load of weight and then put it all back on again!

Losing weight quickly in this way and then returning back to old habits and food intake is one way to destroy the metabolic process within the body making each attempt at losing weight harder and harder so people DON’T DO IT!

At Limitless we teach sustainable methods of weight loss and offer sensible solutions to help keep you on track.  Remember, all this stuff has to fit with your lifestyle so don’t choose a pathway that will make you miserable and unsociable.

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