Why I have coaching.

Why you need a coach?

If you are qualified in something, and you “know” how to do it, why would you need a coach…. I used to ask myself this question A LOT. Naivety when I was younger I guess!  

I entered the fitness industry as an instructor and a natural progression led me to having my own PT business and a regular client base.   I was busy gaining and retaining clients, what could possibly go wrong? 

I was never shown or taught on how to run a business, so the busier I became the more time I spent in my business without actually having anytime to run my business or train myself. Result: knackered lady with no time to herself!

As time went on I decided enough was enough and that I needed someone to show  me how to create more efficiency in my working life, work smarter not harder and be ok with understanding you cannot do it all on your own!!

So my point to this blog is that over the years I have invested  on different types of coaches to help me at different stages of my plan. Some for marketing, some for business coaching and accountability and some for my personal and training journey. Why? To continue to be the best that I can be.

My current coaching investment is for my new found love of CrossFit. I have realised in the short time I have been doing this sport that I am capable of more but I need help, support motivation and guidance on how to get there.  Having a regular programme to follow and understanding that its small steps and little achievements that over time will enable me to get to the level I want to be at.   I am also investing further into my CrossFit training and qualifications. Achieving my Level 1 coaching was just the beginning of the journey for me. I am investing in someone to help me structure my nutrition for competition. I advise people on nutrition but I like to work with someone on my own programme to give me an external perspective. Working with other coaches also grows my knowledge and ideas when coaching my own clientele. I love working with, studying and listening to other great coaches, I am hungry to learn and implementing other coaches programme is one of the ways I like to test ideas before implementing with clients.

Accountability is another reason for having a coach. Someone who will set your goals with you, make them achievable and when you are not getting there find the pathway that can be adjusted to get you back on the right track. When I’m not accountable there's always an excuse – have you ever felt like this before? This goes along with goal setting. Setting the date to get to a goal can give you the motivation you need to push the extra mile.  Have you ever started a diet and by the afternoon of the first day wandered off to buy some chocolate, given up and thought I'll start again tomorrow? 

If you have recently thought you would like to achieve more with your training, nutrition or lifestyle but just don’t know where to start getting a coach to mentor and guide you through the different stages of change could be the short term answer for you. Most people need to just get started and sometimes this is the hardest bit. A coach can help you set your timeline, hold you accountable to the programme and help you when you go off track. 

When looking for a coach to guide and motive you be sure to look at the journey that person has gone through themselves.  Have they had success in helping people in a similar situation to you. What skills do they possess that can help you get to your goal.  I am personally inspired by people who have been though the same journey come out the other side and lived to tell the tale. 

Remember the road to goal achievement is never a straight one, there will always be hurdles and stress in the way at some point through your journey. The key to success is being consistent in your approach.

I hope you have found this post helpful, if you would like to discuss your training, nutrition or lifestyle goals with me then please click the link or email me at kelly@limitlessuk.org.