Do you need Less bounce?

Apologies to the guys, but this one is definitely a blog for the ladies in the box!

 Of course, if you guys need to understand what we go through in finding, choosing and experimenting with different sports bras then please read on!

 I can only write this blog from personal experience, and having a large breast size means that if I can find a decent sports bra to wear then I’m sure we all can. Finding a sports bra is like choosing a handbag or a purse for yourself, it is a very personal thing and it just has to feel and look right!

 I get asked a lot which type of sports bra I wear, and the answer is it varys. I don’t have one particular brand that I only wear, very similar to my sports kit. I try out different styles for comfort mainly and support with different types of workouts.

 Breasts are not made up of muscles, so they are formed with soft tissue held together by ligaments. (Coopers ligaments to be precise).  Studies have shown that when women exercise not only do the breast move up and down but also side to side.  Over time not only causing discomfort, but sagging too – eeeek! So finding the correct amount of support is vital to reduce everything travelling south with every session you do!

 For a lot more in depth knowledge of how to find and measure for your sports bra I have been doing some research and I have attached links to a university study that has been carried out and also a really good article that was written in conjunction with the study.  I hope you find this useful.  Anyway…… back to my top 4 sports bras and why I like and wear them regulary.

 My number 1 sports bra is……..

 Marks and spencer front zip fastening impact sports bra. £25 and this is a winner for me. With the zip at the front there is no digging in around the back and the support is amazing.  I have been using these now for 8 months and I wear them for all types of workouts and they are comfortable, supportive and they look nice too.

 My number 2 sports bra is……

 Tikiboo sports crop top.  £25-30 Great for doing Crossfit in, and they look and feel amazing. The support level is slightly below the M&S bra but they are super comfy and the designs are awesome.  They will add a lot of comfort while giving you a splash of colour to compliment your kit. You can buy them online, and they have excellent customer service and returns system.  In addition to this they have amazing leggings, capris shorts and a kids range too!  Definitely check them out. I have been in contact with Faye who owns Tikiboo and she is running a promotion at the moment, so if you would like to take advantage please see the link below.

 My number 3 sports bra is -

Shock Absorber impact level 4.

This has a 3 clasp fastenining at the back and it is equally as supportive as the M&S mentioned above.  Downside to this one is it doesn’t look as nice, almost a bit frumpy in my opinion and so if im wearing kit that shows my bra off I wouldn’t wear this one. But if your wearing long sleeves and going for a run etc…. it gives good support and doesn’t dig in underneath the boob.

 My number 4&5 sports bra comes in a joint position because I generally have to wear these two together! Somebody with a smaller breast may get away with just the one, but for the larger booby lady for me its definitely two!

 M&S underwired sports bra (low to medium impact) and a H&M crop top over the top. This tends to give double support and compression which is great when you are doing barbell work or multiple burpees and your chest is hitting the floor.

 In addition to the sports bra – I have also recently been made aware by one of our members about underwear that women can buy that helps when you have pelvic floor dysfunction when doing impact (double unders!!) This is a real problem within the Crossfit community and I myself suffer with this on a regular basis. Not only is it embarrassing, but it really puts you off what your doing when you are literally wetting yourself.  Some days its worse than others, but it can be really distressing for a lady to experience this, so thank you Ali for the lead on the site that can provide some support in this area. The link is provided below for those that would like to consider this type of sportswear.

 Study link -

 Marks and spencer sports bra (front zip fastening) These come in a great range of colours and they do big sizes too!

 Tikiboo –

 H&M – Crop tops

Marks and Spencer – wired sports bra

 Pelvic Dysfunction sportswear

I hope this helps you guys. If any of you would like help with your nutrition or some personal coaching then please drop me an email