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Breakfast, Lunch or snack attack?

 Hey guys – in this weeks nutrition blog Coach Kelly is showing you a really versatile recipe that can be used for breakfast, lunch or a snack on the go. 

 To make sure you get organised for your week ahead the first thing to do is to put some planning into your weekly shopping.  Before you go to the supermarket – stop and think, then write a list of everything you need.  Search on google or look in a cookbook to get some ideas. 

 Taking the time to do this will give you some variety and inspiration for your meals.  In addition to this when you hit the supermarket armed with your list you’ll probably spend less money and have a lot less food wastage.

 I am an omelette/egg lover so I can honestly say this is one of the staples of my varied diet.   Yes, even I get bored of eggs but I look and find new ways to get them into foods without it being boring!

 This weeks recipe is tuna, egg, sweetcorn and feta cheese omelette muffins.

 If you want to change the ingredients go ahead.  As long as you have the eggs to bind the rest of your ingredients they’ll taste delicious!

Try to make them balanced to the macros you need (carbs fat and protein) This recipe is higher in fat and protein and I would normally add spinach if I was going to make it as a frittata (like a quiche but without the pastry) or steam some spinach to have on the side when I cook the muffins.  

 This recipe is low carb, but not because im doing “low carb” for me,  before I train in the morning (if ive had carbs the night before) I just prefer to have a slightly higher protein and fat based brekky.  There is no cutting carbs or food groups with my diet. This is an unhealthy approach and its unsustainable too.

 I have included the nutrition breakdown on MyFitnessPal for you, so you can see its so easy to do! As mentioned in the video – these can be eaten for breakfast, lunch or cold on the go as healthy, balanced and filling snack.

 And just so you know – my recipes are not re-inventing the wheel.  I take my time and get ideas from looking on the internet, buying cook books and watching programmes.  I absolutely love food and you should too.  Its just understanding how to get the balance right that’s the hard bit.

 At Limitless PT and Crossfit Chiltern we can simplify your nutrition for you.  To book a consultation with Kelly our in house nutritional advisor please click the link below

Cheesy Tuna Muffins

 Ingredients: Makes 6 Muffins

 4 Large free range/organic eggs

2 x Tins drained Tuna

60g Feta Cheese (full fat)

½ Large tin sweetcorn or 1 full small tin

Spinach (optional)



 Place all ingredients apart from spinach (unless you are making as a frittata) into a mixing bowl/jug

 Use a muffin/Yorkshire pudding tray & paper muffin cases (or oil tin – but this is more calories)

 Pour mixture in and cook for about 15 minutes.

 Eat hot or cold with your favourite green vegetables for a tasty low carbohydrate option.