Too busy to exercise?

When time is a constant issue there is always something you can do! Firstly, try to plan ahead and block time out do to complete a 15-20 minute workout. If you literally cannot fit 15-20 minutes into your day, maybe you can look at why this is happening.

Is it that you need to be stricter with yourself? Food for thought! Anyway…..with limited time I would always go for a body weight workout in a HIIT style. 

Fitness workouts for busy people, Berkhamsted, Amersham, Chesham

HIIT meaning – High Intensity Interval Training. This is where you perform a number of exercises, for a set amount of seconds and take very little rest in-between. 

Your fitness level will determine your work and rest rate but here is an example of a HIIT workout.

Complete 30 seconds on each exercise with a rest of up to 20 seconds (but the shorter the rest the better). When each exercise is complete rest for up to 1 minute. Complete as many rounds as your time allows. 

Make sure you programme a warm up, cool down and stretch time. 

Warm up – 3 minutes

Workout (Rest up to 20 seconds after each exercise)

Squat Jumps

Press ups

Sprint on the spot

Jump Lunges

Side step dash


Push ups/Plank Rest up to 1 minute at the end of the round and repeat for as many rounds as your time will allow you. 

When you do HIIT training or interval training, work means work! You should feel out of breath, it should feel hard. If suggested timings are too intense, this type of training can be scaled with the intensity of the exercises, and also the timings. A beginners workout might be 15 seconds of work and 20 seconds of rest.