Need to prepare for your first sporting event?

Signed up for your first charity sporting event and don't know where to start with your training?Top tips on preparing for your first event...

 How to prepare for sporting events, fitness advice, berkhamsted, buckinghamshire

How to prepare for sporting events, fitness advice, berkhamsted, buckinghamshire

Give yourself plenty of time to prepare the body for increased training!

Many people underestimate training for an event! The length of time needed to train will depend on the type of event.  For example, the training for a 5k will be a lot different for training for a marathon. In any scenario I would definitely leave a minimum of 3 months to train, especially if you need to build up your fitness. 

If training for running events, a mixture of longer distance, hill training and interval sessions should be planned for.  In addition to this, it is wise to complete a strength training programme to compliment running.  This will ensure the muscles around the joints remain strong and will help in preventing injury along the way. 

Don't just run!

Many people when training for running, just run! There is so much more to running than running.  Strength and core training play such an important role in this and should not be avoided. 

Incorporate strength training...

If you have signed up for an obstacle course type race, I would suggest your strength training should outweigh the running. Learning to pull yourself up, or along the floor, or even practising monkey bars will be more important than the distance.  Obstacle races tend to be very stop start, so training to run the distance and not strengthen your grip will be detrimental to the end result.

In any instance, whatever is involved in the event, you will need to carefully plan your training so your body is well prepared in time and ultimately make it more enjoyable when you are able to complete the event comfortably.

At Limitless Life we can help you plan for your event and provide necessary training programmes to ensure you get round the course!