Try this kettlebell circuit for some serious fat burning!

Kettlebells in recent years have become more and more popular with men and women training in gyms and at home. They are affordable, transportable and deliver great results as can be used for a multitude of exercises.

I would say the Kettlebell is one of the easiest pieces of equipment to build a circuit of exercises with, along with adding in some body weight exercises you can literally train the whole body. 

Here is an example circuit:

Russian swing (2 handed swing) (hamstrings, gluteus, core) 15-20reps

Kettlebell swings are a great calorie burner

Single arm Row (mid back – rhomboids, front shoulder, core) 15 each side

The single arm row is a great movement with a kettlebell to increase intensity and burn more calories

Goblet squat (quads, core, gluteus/hamstrings) 15-20 reps

Squats are a good exercise for working your legs

Single arm shoulder press (or both arms if you have 2 Kettlebells) (Mid shoulder, core) 10-15

Kettlebell press to strengthen the shoulders and shape the arms

Press ups (chest, shoulder, tricep) 10-15

Planks challenge your core strength

Plank Holds (core, shoulders, upper back) up to 1 minute. Rest at the end of each circuit for 2 minutes and repeat for up to 4/5 rounds.

Challenge upper strength and core strength in press ups

I have chosen very basic but effective exercises here which can be modified and adapted to make the workout harder or easier.