Tight muscles?

Use a foam roller

Using a foam roller before your workout is a great way to release tension and breakdown tight muscle fibres. Using the roller works to mimic the effects of a sports massage creating an increased blood flow to the working muscles, therefore enabling them to work more efficiently when exercising. 

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 Dynamic warm up

Performing a dynamic warm up prior to exercising is another way to release tight muscles. The definition of a dynamic warm up is to prepare the muscles for the intended exercises and to stretch at the same time. Dynamic warm up exercises get the heart rate up whilst stretching tight areas. A dynamic warm up stretch would be held for around 2-3 seconds, after which you then swap to the other side and repeat for the desired amount of repetitions. 

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 Walk it off

Going for a walk or practising yoga once per week can be a great way to increase flexibility and also reduce cortisol levels within the body. Don’t forget that training places a stress to the body, so too much training can have a detrimental effect on the muscles in the body. A good old fashioned walk is a great way to stretch the legs out and alleviate muscle soreness. 

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