What are your goals?

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I always encourage clients to be honest about their goals, as without their honesty I simply cannot help them to the level they need me to. If they have a bad day/haven’t slept well/feel stressed etc. its having the mind-set to be able to get yourself back on track. This is why training and nutrition should be a lifestyle not a quick fix.

For progression to happen within a training and nutrition programme, you have to feel you can do what is required. Finding the route of the problem is key to being able to move forwards. As a trainer, digging deeper than ‘why do you want to lose weight?’ is a crucial part in getting clients to open up.

Most people will say they want to lose weight BUT there will always be a deeper reason behind it. For example their kids, their quality of life, self-confidence etc….so again it comes back to asking the right questions from a trainer point of view and honesty from the client. If it’s not working, finding a new goal, or re setting the original goal is always a positive step forwards.

If the road was always straight, it would be easy! There will always be bumps in the along the way, its just whether you skirt round them or tackle them head on!

Coach Kelly - Limitless Life Personal Trainer