Five ways to get a toned bum!


My favourite body part to train! Having strong bum muscles or “glutes” will help with stabilising your whole pelvis, help to keep your back strong and when trained properly they can look damn good too!

Like with training any other body part it can be trained in lots of different ways and this includes varying movement patterns. Our bum muscles are made up of different sections that all need training, sadly for most people who have seated or driving jobs their bum muscles get switched off during everyday life so waking them up and training them can make a huge difference.

1.     Do a band exercise (like a bridge or a band walk) to begin with to activate or fire up sleepy muscles

2.     Use a variety of exercises that use the glutes including - lunges, squats, deadlifting, step ups (high) and bridging exercises.  All of these exercises have lots of variations so getting creative and including at least three of these per session will give you a great bum workout.

3.     Don’t be afraid to use heavy weights - heavy but manageable, the muscles have to be fatigued to grow and get stronger. 

4.     After 4-6 weeks change your workout programme this will continue to challenge the muscles so your body won’t plateau. 

5.     Be consistent and don’t give up. Building muscle takes time but stick with it and you will see great results! 

Kelly Gorringe - Limitless Life Personal Trainer