Tips for toning the arms...

From a female perspective, the upper arm area is a part of the body that many women generally dislike ALOT! The tricep muscles, located in the upper arms, are actually the muscles that shape the arm. So placing additional focus on the back of the arms will help with improving the shape of them.  

Many women dislike their upper arms and want ways to tone them up

A combination of exercises such as rows and pull downs for the back, bench presses and press ups for the chest are really effective for working the tricep muscles. It is also beneficial to layer in specific exercises that just target the arms to give that extra strength work to build muscle in that area. 

Depending on your training structure, incorporate arm exercises to either upper body or lower body workouts.  For example, you could do a leg workout and include shoulder exercises. A back specific workout could also include either tricep or bicep exercises, a chest workout could include biceps or triceps. 

After compound movements have been performed (Compound exercises are multi-joint movements that work several muscles or muscle groups at one time) the smaller muscle groups will be pre-fatigued, as they are normally used during compound movements, so by then just working the smaller muscles on their own they will work harder and develop strength and growth quicker. 

How to get toned upper arms, berkhamsted

It’s harder for ladies to build muscle as they don’t carry as much testosterone as men, so consistency over time is crucial.  It normally takes around 12 weeks/90 days to see visible differences and feel noticeable differences in strength changes.

If there is aspecific area of the body you want tips on toning or strengthening, get in touch for more advice!