Suffering from injury?

 Tips and advice for working out with an injury

Are you trying to recover from an injury and need advice on working out without causing more harm?

Exercising with an injury can sometimes be tricky, but my attitude to this is there is always something you can do!

If you have an upper body injury you could use the time wisely and strengthen lower body parts whilst doing some light rehabilitation work on the upper body injury and vice versa. Rehabilitation programmes can take anywhere between three months to approx. one year depending on the injury and severity. So being patient and making small progress steps is really important.

 Fitness injuries can be helped with the support of a personal trainer at Limitless Life in Berkhamsted

If seeking to train with an injury, make sure you find a trainer that has sufficient rehabilitation experience, as some rehab exercises can be tricky, involving isolating muscles.  So a good knowledge of how the body works is essential to help repair it!

I have worked with clients who have had slipped discs, knee operations and shoulder injuries.  I have also had clients who have had hip replacements. I believe training IS possible with the right guidance.