Exercise of the week: The handstand


What is it?

When was the last time you did a handstand? During your school days? Or at the last BBQ you had after a few drinks?! The handstand is actually a fantastic upper-body exercise which showcases total-body control, strength, balance, coordination and style. It requires patience and training to build up the strength, but using a wall will help at first to get you going.

How to do it:

Stand straight and lift your hands above your head. Lift one leg in front and step forward on whichever leg feels most comfortable. Start to lean forward while keeping your body straight with the grounded foot and tip your body over your lunged leg. Keep your arms straight as you approach the ground and the force of the weight distributed around the base of the fingers. Straighten the body out, with the head in a neutral position and the back and legs straight.

Maintain your form and positioning at all times, trying to keep as straight and tight as possible. Try to keep your legs together with your toes pointed to ceiling to help with your balance.