How often should I see my Personal Trainer?

Personal trainers at Limitless Life in Berkhamsted help you meet and exceed your potential

Personal trainers at Limitless Life in Berkhamsted help you meet and exceed your potential

As a personal trainer, I receive many requests for a ‘fitness’ programme or a ‘weight loss’ plan, and it would be very easy for me to go along with it and just hand over a generic programme that I sent to both Mrs A and Mrs B because ‘it was a fat loss programme’ and that’s what they asked for.

Not only is this bad practice in my opinion, but where is the individuality? Say Mrs A had a knee replacement and can’t get about easily, and Mrs B has had some serious issues with food. So by just giving them a programme to get on with, how are these ladies going to really improve their health? How are they going to improve once they have completed it- or cope if they are struggling? What if they hurt themselves because some of the exercises were unsuitable for them? Or, found it too easy, got bored and slipped back into old, unhealthy habits having made a conscious effort to eat well for 4 weeks.

Sound familiar? That is where we come in. I firmly believe that engaging in weekly training, having contact time with a trainer and a listening ear - be it a phone call, Facebook message or email - will almost certainly ensure that you meet and exceed your potential.

So, how often should you see a personal trainer?

At least once a week ideally. Twice a week to ensure your programme is consistent with your health and fitness abilities and to make sure it is motivating you enough. We can answer questions you find difficult to put into words. You can more easily express any concerns you have with your progress. You will learn more about health and fitness and your technique will improve far quicker.

In terms of safety, as I mentioned earlier, it is bad practice to simply send someone off with a fitness programme, because they may not be completing some of the exercises properly. It is impossible to go through a training regime with a new client in one hour and then expect them to crack on and get the most out of it. You need variety in a programme too. Our bodies are very clever at adapting and you need to be challenged in order to elicit change.

Everyone is different…

Each client is an individual and we need to get to know your body. We personal trainers know a fair amount, however we aren’t mind readers. Exercises that work for some may not work for others and identifying that takes time. So that is another reason why regular training is important, because not only will you be changing, and improving, but we can work this out quicker and adapt your programme faster.

You work harder!

When left to your own devices, that 1 minute rest time may creep up to two and the 20 minute interval training may dwindle down to 10 mins. Work outs will be better completed with someone there to encourage you. Also, you may find it difficult to stick to your diet because your spouse or colleagues don’t share your aspirations and aren’t as supportive as you need them to be. So, an hour or two (or three) per week with one of us is ideal so we can always be there for you, to push you, because we want you to succeed!