Exercise of the week: The deadlift

What is it?

Deadlifting refers to the lifting of dead (without momentum) weight, such as a barbell lying on the ground.

What does it do?

When performed with good form this exercise can help you build better posture, correct various strength imbalances and help build total body strength.

How to do it:

It’s important to only lift as much as can with good form to prevent injury. If it’s a new exercise for you then it’s advisable to have a training partner or a personal trainer by your side.

With the barbell on the floor, adopt a neutral spine and a braced core to lift it off the floor, then, when the bar reaches knee level, thrust your hips in to complete the movement then lower the barbell back to the ground.

For information about tailoring this exercise to your body strength get in touch with Jeremy www.limitless-life.uk.