The weekend binge and how to let go of it

Find a way to stop binge eating with a Limitless Personal Trainer in Amersham

Feel stuck in a repetitive weekly cycle of healthy eating followed by a weekend binge? 

It’s a common occurrence. Friday afternoon finally arrives and the willpower you had in heaps and mounds on Monday feels nothing more than a whisper in your ear. That Friday chocolate bar and bottle of wine is oh so tempting. But the thing is, that 1lb from last week didn't budge and you really want to fit into your smaller pair of jeans. But surely a glass of wine a bar of chocolate isn't going to do too much damage? Is it? Especially as you have stuck to eating healthily for the rest of the week.

Unfortunately we all know that a 'cheat meal' on a Friday can sometimes lead onto a Saturday breakfast cheat, and lunch and then Sunday lunch and dinner. So before you know it, two and a half days have passed and you have managed to stray far from your plan.

So how do you stop the binging cycle?

My best advice - coming from someone who LOVES to eat chocolate - is to not buy it. I find if ‘it's not there, I don't care’. Another great tip is to prepare some yummy weekend food and healthier treats that will get you through to at least Sunday afternoon. We have some delicious sweet treat recipe ideas if you need a bit of inspiration on this blog. After that you could always keep Sunday afternoon for a lunch out, so you have had one or two cheat meals as opposed to two days’ worth.

Plan in some form of exercise as well. We all get tired and need to recharge on our days off, however a gentle stroll or morning class at a local gym would help to keep you more focused on your goals and hopefully encourage you to be wiser with your food choices throughout your days of rest.

Changing a habit takes some getting used to. If you like your alcohol and are plateauing or finding it difficult to lose weight, do look at how much you are consuming because reducing your intake will make a huge difference to your weight loss success as well.