Exercise of the week: The decline chest press

What is it?

The decline chest press is performed on a decline bench and forces you to use your lower pecs, triceps and back to lift the weight away from the chest.

What does it do?

This activity works the lower portion of your chest. Adding them into your training could help fix imbalances in your chest and help increase your chest strength greatly.

How to do it?

Un-rack the bar, breathe in and lower the bar towards your chest slowly. Once you get the bar to your chest, push up, pressing the bar back to its original position while breathing out. When lowering the bar be slow and controlled. When you press the bar back upward, you can create a more explosive movement. Make sure that your feet are locked in or looped over the end of the bench to prevent any slipping. Also, when performing this exercise, have a trainer or spotting partner at your side as it can be particularly dangerous holding a heavy weight over your face.