Our running tips...

We love getting our clients enjoying running outside. Limitless Life

Want to get running?? 

A great way is to follow the coach to 5k app. This combines walking and running, starting with long walk times and short runs and gradually switching the ratio towards running. It's a great way to get you out on the road for longer. This is also what most running clubs do in their beginner classes. I've recommended Tring running club to my clients and they have all loved it, even though they weren't runners going in.

Another option I would recommend that if you need some motivation, arrange a time and meeting spot with a friend and go together. Then, set a distance you know you can do, say 1k, and give yourself time to complete it without being in a hurry. Book your next date before you finish so that to can't sneak out of it! 

Also, every one to two weeks (depending on what you feel comfortable with) add another quarter-whole kilometre on as a joint decision. Before you know it you'll be doing some good mileage. 

Remember if you start running to get fitted for good running shoes and always start slow and short. Most injuries from running occur from poor fitting shoes and/or starting too intensely. 

I believe everyone should be able to run 5k and eventually even enjoy it!! Start today and you never know how far you'll go.