Myth busting: No pain, no gain?

Train to gain with a personal trainer in Berkhamsted and Amersham

That common phrase we hear time and time again: ‘No pain, no gain’.  But what is the truth behind it and does it mean that if we don’t feel the aches and pains of yesterday’s workout it wasn’t challenging enough? I believe you don't always need to ache to have experienced a challenging workout, but it does entirely depend on your goals.

If there are specific movements you complete on a regular basis as part of your fitness regime, you will not necessarily feel them the next day because your body has become conditioned to them. A new activity, however, particularly in increased intensity or volume is likely to result in some aches and pains as your body makes adaptations to prepare your muscles for doing that activity again.   

There will be sessions that are certainly challenging but not necessarily make you ache the next day because your body is conditioned to this type of training.

In summary I would say that aching is normal but no required when training, make sure you mobilise before and stretch after workouts and if you don't want to ache too much then scale your workouts up slowly. Otherwise expect to have some soreness the next day!