Sandra proves that fitness is for every age

Sandra is another client success at Limitless Life Personal training studio in Berkhamsted.

Sandra,74: "I have always been into fitness, particularly enjoying walking, golf and exercising to music. When I first made contact with Jeremy at Limitless Life, it was because I needed a personal training programme that would help match me with exercises to suit my body and strength at the time.

For me it was particularly important I found a trainer that would treat me as an individual, with a bespoke fitness regime designed for my needs, and I definitely found that with Jeremy.

My initial goals, if I’m being perfectly honest, were to keep all bones and joints working! So when Jeremy began my training he was very good at making sure he changed my workout routines regularly, adapting the exercises to how my body was feeling and working on the day of the session, while focussing on different areas of the body. This was key for me, and I think why it worked so well.

I started off by doing a 40 minute session a week. What surprised me was how much I enjoyed the sessions. Each one was different and it was enjoyable being able to work out and chat with a very understanding and chatty young man. That was about 7 years ago and I continue my training with Jeremy to this day.

By far the most challenging part of my sessions is performing the plank and press ups!! But as a result I have been able to increase my strength immensely. Working with Jeremy has definitely made me more aware of the necessity to keep my bones, joints and body more mobile.

Now my fitness is important to me more than ever because it makes my say “I can do this”, and Jeremy has helped me enormously to realise that."

Jeremy: "In my sessions with Sandra she has made incredible achievements, deadlifting 40kg (88lbs) which is 70% of her bodyweight! She has been able to complete 10 full press ups also which is such an achievement. Sandra is a perfect example to everyone that fitness is for every age, you just need to know what works for you and how to use that to gradually progress and reach your goals".