Hints and tips on partying a bit lighter this Christmas!

As we are almost into full swing of the December social calendar its time to give you some hints and tips on how to perform, what I like to call, damage limitation!!!

Dehydration – the biggest cause of a headache!

If you are not so great at taking a water break on a night out try and be really hydrated before you go out. Drink extra water throughout the day.  Hair of the dog? – Um…..no I’ve never found this works for me, just drinking increased amounts of good old H2O post evening out will rehydrate your system and help to flush toxins out from the liver. 

Try and avoid excessive tea & coffee after your night out, as these are diuretic and will continue to dehydrate the system placing extra work on to the liver for processing.

Party food central – PASTRY!

Healthy options at christmas

Anyone for a sausage roll, Spring roll, mini steak pie, quiche, mince pie, filo tart……?

We all know that eating excessive amounts of pastry based products can add additional unwanted calories to our daily nutrition.  To limit this, eat something substantial with protein in before you leave the house.  Don’t go to these types of parties hungry if you are trying to lose body fat and want to be “good”. 

Beer? Wine? Cider?

Healthy drinks at christmas

If you are aiming to keep your calories to a minimum on your night out try and leave behind the wine, beer & cider. I'm sure you have been told before but just to keep in mind the approx. calories in these bad boys are as follows:

Cider – 210

Lager – 180

250ml Glass dry wine – 190 (more calories are present in medium and sweet/rose wines)

So what is a lighter alternative?

Glass of Prosecco – 80 cal

Vodka, fresh lime & soda – 65cal

Gin & slimline tonic – 60-70cals

Otherwise enjoy the party.