Enjoying the party season without falling off the wagon!

Don’t beat yourself up!

Go out , enjoy yourself but then don’t spend the next week using one big night out as “I've fallen of the wagon” excuse to not train, eat badly and then wonder why you are not getting the results in the gym you had hoped for.

If you have a night out planned, then plan it into your weekly nutrition, cut back where you can so you can allow yourself the extra calories when you go out.  Please don’t misunderstand what I've said here – I don’t mean starve yourself for three days then go out and binge eat/drink.

What I mean is, where you can cut back on a 100 calories here and there throughout the week then its totally fine to do this if you know you'll be taking on additional alcohol/food calories throughout the weekend.

Post night out, give yourself at least a day before you hit the gym again.  This will give your body time to rehydrate and recover from the effects of excessive alcohol intake. Training when already dehydrated can have a detrimental effect on your system and can affect hand and eye coordination, balance and strength. If you are feeling up to doing something, go for a walk or do some gentle exercise.  Try not to punish yourself immediately after drinking.

Advice on how to stay healthy through Christmas, Amersham ad berkhamsted

Don’t set unrealistic goals for the month of December!!

Socially most of us are busier during this period.  There is more stodgy food, alcohol, party food, late nights for us all, so plan for this in your goals. You may have to put your fat loss goal on hold for a couple of weeks so you can live your life and enjoy it. 

Make healthy choices where you can and continue to train as much as you can during December but just have in the back of your mind the scales maybe slightly tipped during this time.