Rest and relaxation is important!


Overtraining can be as bad as not training at all.  Giving the body a chance to recover from weight training or impact can be really beneficial.  If you are worried that you’ll gain a few pounds of weight then keep your calories a bit lower on days that you don’t train.

Sometimes having a week off can enable you to return back to your training sessions with a vengeance.

The other alternative to taking a complete rest is just to do some light cardio.  So going for a long walk, getting some fresh air or doing some yoga/stretching can be just as beneficial to us.

Intensity training and training with weights places a stress on to the body, so having a few days off can really help to lower stress levels in the body.

Another point to mention – holiday weight usually comes off just as quickly as it goes on.  When the body is in a relaxed state you can expect to gain around 4-6lbs of weight.  This can be down to water retention if you’ve been having a few prosecco’s at night.  Once your normal routine returns the weight will come off and you will be feeling great for having a little rest. Your muscles and nervous system will thank you for it.