The single leg deadlift


The single leg Romanian deadlift is great for anyone wanting to build strength into their hamstrings and glutes, strengthen hip stabilisers, improve ankle & knee stability and build a shapely bottom!

Falling into the “unilateral” umbrella of exercises, performing this exercise as part of your routine will have several benefits:

·         Improving balance and proprioception

·         Increased hamstring length and strength – which transfers into helping to take excessive load from the spine during bilateral movements (where both feet are on the ground and your using both sides at the same time).

·         Single leg “eccentric” work – when you load the muscle or go down into the deadlift – means you can work slower putting more strength and building more lean muscle into the area.

·         Training unilaterally can highlight muscle imbalances, allowing the athlete to build strength into the weaker side.

I personally like to use these exercises for all of the above reasons, but I always advise keen runners to include single leg work into their programme.  General instability through the ankle, knee and hip can all effect the lower back and vice versa, and continuous running impact can increase risk of injury when unstable. Using single leg deadlifts and squats as part of a weekly regime will really help to prevent running injuries (sore knees, tight hamstrings and lower back pain).

If you have stability/strength imbalances, including additional repetitions on the weaker side will start to take excessive load from the over worked side of the body, meaning the muscles are working synergistically together.

Happy training!

Kelly - Limitless Life Personal Trainer