How to increase your overall fitness levels...

Get fitter and improver your overall fitness

Exercising to increase your overall aerobic capacity can be done in many different ways, however one thing that is standard is you need to get comfortable with being outside of your comfort zone in terms of how your feeling when you are exercising.

There are different ways in which the body burns fuel for energy. 

Today i'm going to talk about Aerobic and An-aerobic. When the body is working Aerobically – it means there is oxygen present, and the body will be using reserved fat for energy output. You can sustain exercise for prolonged periods of time when working aerobically as fat stores are readily available.

To increase your fitness level and aerobic capacity you need to work an-aerobically.  This means there is little oxygen present, and the body has to start using the energy that is stored in our muscles (this a process called glycolysis – but in short its where glycogen is stored within the muscles) and the body starts to break down glucose to use for energy.

There are huge benefits to including this type of training into your workouts.

·         Builds lean muscle tissue working at high intensities

·         Boosts metabolism meaning your body is working more efficiently at rest

·         Increases speed, power and strength to improve your overall performance in more endurance activities

·         Improves bone density and protect your joints – building muscle around your joints helps them to become stable meaning less chance of injury!

Examples of exercises that will work you Anaerobically are:

·         Sprinting

·         Weight lifting (using compound exercises with little rest)

·         Plyometric Training (using jumping exercises within your programme)

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