Five ways to boost your energy levels this week

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Balance your breakfast

Ensure your first meal of the day has some protein, fat and carbohydrate in it. This will help to keep you feeling fuller, avoid a slump in energy, and you will be more mentally stimulated.

Eat foods that are rich in Iron

Iron deficiencies tend to be more common in females, but can be present in male & females – this can cause fatigue. Foods that are rich in iron are – beans, lentils & spinach (& all green leafy vegetables),red meat, poultry and dark chocolate! 

Avoid excessive caffeine/stimulants if you are low in energy

While these can give you a temporary boost in mental alartness and reduce fatigue they will also cause a slump in energy leaving you feeling more tired and potentially craving sugars as the blood sugar level drops. Drinking water will help to boost energy and is also great for speeding up fat metabolism!

Eat more single ingredient foods

Check your food labels when you are shopping. If takes you 5 minutes to work out how to pronounce an ingredient, its probably not good for you! If there are several words like that in your food label I would avoid it like the plague! Try to create your own recipes using herbs and spices rather than buying foods with additives and flavourings.

Don’t cut fat out of your diet

Over the years we’ve been programmed to cut out fat, and told that it makes us fat. Eating excessive fat, carbs or protein and being inactive will make anyone fat!!  Getting the balance right is key here! Fat has an important role in nutrition.  It transports vitamins around the body to enable us to absorb them.  Without it we will be a lot more fatigued as our bodies will be starved of vital minerals and vitamins it needs.