Exercise of the week: The Turkish Get Up

One of my personal favourite exercises, named by the Turkish wrestling team (so i've read on Mr Google!). If you were unable to hold a weight above your head of around 100lbs, and then go from laying to standing, you could not progress further within the sport!

Things have progressed in the last 200 years though, as we train our clients to perform this initially with NO weight at all, and then progress from light to heavy over a structured time period.

Sounds easy??

Hold this weight above your head and go from laying to standing as gracefully as you can…… Please let me assure you its not easy, but I absolutely love the complexity of this exercise as it challenges the body in several ways, which we will look at shortly, but it also challenges the mind. Being focussed when doing this is a must. Unless you would like to be thumped on the head with a heavy weight!!

This is a fantastic exercise that challenges:

·         Flexibility

·         Shoulder stability

·         Core strength

·         Co-ordination

·         Balance

The other great fact about the get up, is that its unilateral – so you work the side that’s not as strong.  This can be really prominent in some athletes so its great for strengthening your “weaker” side. Naturally we work our stronger side without thinking about it in everyday life which can cause muscle imbalances over time.  Including unilateral work into your weekly programme will have huge benefits.  As core strength and shoulder stability are key in this exercise its awesome for improving posture too.  I cannot think of a reason not to do it!

I agree, it looks complex, and there is maximum concentration involved, but once your body has learnt the movement pattern you will benefit from it immediately by feeling more mobile, have greater balance, coordination and posture!

I hope you enjoy the video, and if you would like more information on how to incorporate this exercise into your training programme please contact us using the button below!

elly - Limitless Life personal trainer and Coach at CrossFit Chiltern