Treadmills and fixed resistance machines? Not at Limitless Life...

There are many benefits to training at Limitless personal training in Berkhamsted and Amersham.  We believe that we offer a unique service to our clients giving them a total satisfaction guarantee.


From the point of consultation we take time to discuss the individual client requirements with a focus on their short, mid & long term goals for their health and well being.

We work out where you want to

In addition to working face to face with our clients we offer a home or gym workout programme and a user friendly app so the user can keep a track of everything they are doing and we can add in their progressions where necessary.

One size does NOT fit all

Our programmes are specific to each client, as we understand that one size does NOT fit all. With the wealth of knowledge we have between all of the trainers we have all of your needs covered from personal training, rehabilitation from injury, sports specific programming and a fully qualified massage therapist on site.

No treadmills and fixed resistance machines

At our Berkhamsted & Amersham sites we boast a wide range of freeweight equipment.  We do not have treadmills and fixed resistance machines.  We teach you how to perform lifts, squats, presses and pulling exercises in a structured and progressive environment, so your whole body gets a varied and effective workout.  Both Berkhamsted and Amersham have outdoor training areas so you are guaranteed to take in some fresh air and feel invigorated after your session.

Nutrition guidance as well as fitness

As nutrition is an integral part of your journey, we can offer guidance to get you started and detailed specific programming for those that have a time framed goal to achieve.

Totally flexible

Our approach is positive and our goal is to reach the best solution for each client individually.   We have a number of highly experienced trainers that will motivate, encourage and support you through your journey.  As we have a number of trainers working with our clients we have a totally flexible training schedule, so if you need to change your times you can switch to another trainer or attend another site to ensure you do not miss your training.