Feeling stressed?

Combat your stress with a fitness workout, Amersham, Berkhamsted

Many of us know that exercise is a great way to boost our mood and reduce stress when we are having a particularly busy day or week. But how can we adapt our lifestyle to improve our overall wellbeing and ensure we are not overdoing it?  

Assess yourself and how you are feeling internally. Are you sleeping well? Are you eating properly? 

Whilst exercising is proven to release feel good hormones within the brain, it can also place a stress on the body.  In times of increased amounts of stress, sometimes just going for a walk or doing some yoga poses, or some relaxing breathing exercises with some stretches can be enough to make you feel better.

Walking and yoga have been proven to reduce cortisol levels in the body (cortisol is a stress hormone)

If your sleep and nutrition are affected by your stress levels, adjusting your workouts accordingly may help. A suggestion is to go for slightly lighter weights and take longer rest periods to allow for recovery is really good advice.

Keep motivated and stay mentally strong...

If you are someone, like myself who uses exercise regularly to combat feeling stressed, and this is normal for you – setting yourself training goals to achieve can be really beneficial. 

There are some days when you are feeling stressed or anxious that you don’t want to go and train – I can 100% guarantee if you go and train you will feel better.  As a trainer of many years experience here is my advice to anyone that wants to train through stress but is having the inner conversation with ones self before going to the gym.  A mentor I once had told me this and I have kept it with me since!

Mind over matter...

If you really don’t feel like training. Take yourself to the gym, get through your warm up and your first couple of sets of whatever you are doing. If at that point you really still “don’t feel it” then that is the time to call it a day and just go for a walk or do something low key to recover yourself mentally. Since I was given this advice, I don’t think I have ever walked out of the gym after my warm up!

Like with most things in life it’s a case of mind over matter.  The same with training when stressed. Just assess how you are feeling and pick your exercise to suit that.  Its not worth killing yourself over, but doing something will ALWAYS help in some way shape or form!

If you want direction with your training or just need someone to keep you accountable, book a PT session with us in Berkhamsted and Amersham and we'll get you started!