Boost your immune system this Autumn

Boost your immune system this autumn in Amersham and Berkhamsted

When the immune system feels like it’s starting to run on overdrive it may be time to check out your vitamin and mineral levels within the body.  We can be deficient in many things without knowing.  But before you rush out and spend your life savings on supplements we can recommend a few that might just keep you ticking over.


A good quality high strength omega3 tablet of around 1000mg will help to balance your fats and it also helps to reduce inflammation within the body.


Magnesium is a muscle relaxant and can help you sleep and alleviate muscle soreness.  So if you are over doing it in the gym and are having problems sleeping it may be time to invest in some magnesium.  You can buy magnesium in tablet form although I would recommend transdermal magnesium sprays as they absorb straight into the body and top you up quickly.


A good quality high strength multi-vitamin – could be a great all-rounder to top up all your vitamin and mineral levels.


Echinacea is a preventative remedy for the common cold! You can buy this in droplet form, and taking a few drops each day can help to prevent the good old common cold catching you this winter!