Fuelling your body for a sporting event...

How to prepare you body for a sporting event in Buckinghamshire and what to eat

In the lead up to a sporting event, the adrenaline starts to kick in and you may feel nervous about what you have signed up for! In situations like this our eating habits can go a bit haywire to say the least. 

Keep a food journal

Keeping a regular food journal that can track your macro food groups (Protein, Carbs and fat) can be a true godsend! This way you can see the balance of what you are eating alongside how many calories you are taking on board and exactly which food groups your getting your calories from.

There's an app for that...

At limitless we advise our clients to use MyFitnessPal – it’s a free app that has literally millions of different foods listed on it, and if it’s not listed you can even scan the barcode. There is a section in the app that lets you see a pie chart of your food macros.  So if your protein is down or your carbs are up you can clearly see it on the app. It’s great!!

Eat a variety of foods

If you are training for an endurance event, while it is important to eat carbohydrates on any eating plan, please don’t forget about your protein and fat.  Doing excessive bouts of long cardio sessions can have a detrimental effect on your muscles and your energy levels if not enough protein is consumed.

Increase calories the week before

Generally increasing your calorie ceiling in the week before an event is totally acceptable – I would recommend by around 300-500 Kcals per day (depending on the length of the event you are doing). The last thing you would want is to feel like you don’t have enough energy on the day.  So definitely don’t cut calories before an event. 

Steer clear of sugary drinks

With regards to liquids try and stay away from really high sugary drinks, stick to water and to replace lost sodium in the body buy some Himalayan rock salt and sprinkle some of this in your water. You could also flavour the water with lemon/limes to add a bit of zest!

Carbohydrate gels can also be a good idea for endurance sports.  You can normally buy these from any good sports shop.  They come in different flavours and textures.

Good luck and don't forget if you need any more advice on preparing for a sporting event, get in touch!