Workouts shouldn’t hurt and diets shouldn’t be miserable…

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I always use this terminology: 'Does it hurt like its working? Or does it hurt like its hurting?'. There’s definitely a difference between the two! The first is something that you should feel when you train.

The muscle 'burn'...

Feeling tension in the muscles and feeling 'the muscle burn' is proof that there has been muscle fatigue in your session.  This means you have worked the muscles into a fatigued state, and you have broken muscle fibres.  (The muscle fibres go through micro tearing when they are pushed through fatigue, not actually tearing the muscle to damage it!)

Once the fibres start to grow back, they grow back bigger giving the muscle its shape and definition – a term referred to as muscle'tone' .

The second scenerio – when something actually hurts like its creating an injury - should definitely not be felt when you are training. If you are returning to training from injury, make sure you follow a structured rehab programme and if you are not injured, listen to your body if something doesn’t feel right.

No pain, no gain?

Pain is one way for the body to tell you to stop doing something, and this should not be ignored! With any training programme, technique is everything, especially when using weights. For example, if you are squatting and you are feeling constant knee pain there is a good chance your squatting technique or posture is incorrect. Or alternatively you may have weaker muscles on the posterior muscle groups. 

Our bodies have many different movement patterns that we have learnt throughout our lives, without coaching or instruction some of these patterns get be incorrect but embedded into us.  So if your workout is hurting in a way that is causing you discomfort or pain, get your technique checked sooner rather than later! If you are experiencing muscle soreness, I cant offer a solution to this as this means you are getting stronger and fitter!

Its not a diet, its a lifestyle……

I try to avoid the word 'diet' with clients.  I believe this word has psychological barriers and can create negative feelings around food. As soon as you tell yourself you CANNOT have something, naturally you want it!

Changing your eating patterns for a healthy lifestyle should be something you can maintain long term, not just something you do for a few months to get into a dress or a suit and then revert back to previous habits.

how to eat healthily, bucks, limitless life

Using herbs & spices to flavour food, and making your own dressings for salads can be a really healthy, tasty way to get a lot more flavour, but still keep your overall calories lower.

A personal favourite of mine especially for stir fry’sor meat and vegetable based meals - is to heat up coconut oil, add a little garlic, ginger and chilli flakes. This adds flavour but without adding a ton of creamy calories that you may find in a shop brought option. For salad dressings I mix up, a little olive oil, some Dijon mustard and a splash of white wine vinegar. Loads of flavour and you can control the calories.

My advice for clients wanting to maintain habits long term is:

·         Don’t tell yourself you cannot have something

·         Use the 80/20 90/10 rule for having treats

(this means for 80% of the week you are eating healthy – 20% of the week you allow yourself a meal or alcohol on a night out, but then healthy eating from the next day).

I have had clients in the past take the 80/20 rule to the extreme, by thinking Monday to Friday I'm good – then Saturday Sunday the whole week gets blown out of the water! The 20% or 10% ratio is limited to one day or one meal over the week not 48-72 hours of bad eating!)

Plan your meals for the week, and plan into your week your 20%/10% unhealthy options – this will give you something to look forward to and help you to stay on track for the other days in the week.

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