Hate running? Try skipping...

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Running is an inexpensive way to keep fit, you either love it or you hate it (a bit like marmite) but it definitely has a place in the fitness market.  Performing a low level run once per week or once per fortnight can be great to de stress the body and get some fresh air. 

If you are on the love it side of running, building up your running initially is essential if you really want to get the miles in. Making changes in your runs will not only break the potential boredom, but it will give you an increase in your calorie burn and make you fitter at the same time.  Changes can include hill runs or hill repeats, sprints on the flat for 20 seconds as fast as you can and one minute recovery jog.  These are all ways to include some intervals into your workout and this will make you feel a lot fitter on your next long run. 

Alternative to running can be a skipping and bodyweight workout. The skipping rope is another in-expensive piece of equipment that is highly effective on the cardiovascular system.  Learning how to skip can also increase your co-ordination and build muscle at the same time. A lot of people find skipping a challenge, so practising your technique takes time and effort and youll burn a LOT of calories in this process! Once you’ve mastered the skipping rope you can add in double unders – a technique where the skipping rope goes around twice per your one skip!

Once you got the hang of that, you can throw some burpees into the mix and you will become very fit very quickly!

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An example skipping workout could be:

100 Single skips + 20 Burpees

80 single skips + 18 burpees

60 skips + 16 Burpees

40 Skips + 14 burpees

20 skips + 12 burpees

Of course you can add rest into each round depending on your current fitness levels. Record your times and repeat weekly until you can beat your time.